Cardiograph Varies with device


Personal heart rate measuring device

* Measure Your Heart Rate

Ever wanted to know how fast your heart is beating? It's never been easier! Use your smartphone's built-in camera to get an accurate reading almost instantly. Anytime, anywhere.

* Authentic Visual Style

Beautifully designed, authentic visual interface inspired by real-life medical equipment. Watch as every beat of your heart is drawn on paper and reported on the monochrome LCD screen below.

* Interesting Facts

Enjoy dozens of interesting, insightful and fun facts about the heart while you measure your pulse. Just donā€™t get too excited about them, it may interfere with the results...

* Authentic Audio Design
The stride for authenticity and the attention to detail carry over to the audio department, with convincing sound effects that wouldn't sound out of place in a hospital.

*** Operational Manual

Step 1. Power on the device by tapping the START/STOP button.

Step 2. Gently place the tip of your index finger over the camera, so that it covers the lens completely.

Step 3. The readings will appear after a few seconds. The heart-shaped bars indicate measurement accuracy.

Hint: If you are getting wrong readings (or none at all), please try adjusting the position of your finger on the camera lens. Also, please be sure to take measurements in a well-lit environment if your device does not have a torchlight.

It's possible for other apps to use Cardiograph to get the user's heart rate. For more information use the support e-mail.

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